• 1999

Company Description

Aqute delivers competitive intelligence and competitor analysis to some of the world's leading companies.

We do competitive intelligence because we love it. The really detailed, gritty kind of competitive intelligence. Hard facts, cold numbers. We are thorough. Your reputation depends on it. We will work through all the available sources rigorously, leaving no stone unturned. We will recreate the same findings from multiple, independent approaches. The result is competitive intelligence that cannot be bettered. Our information will stand up to the toughest scrutiny. We know this because we have been tested over and over by demanding clients. We are creative. Of course we 'google it'. And like any analysts worth their salt, we will interview people, skulk around at conferences and ask our contacts. But then what? Previous projects have seen us mine data from architectural archives, file Freedom of Information requests and conduct physical surveillance. Our competitive intelligence is based on exhaustive research so you do not have to worry about what might be missing. Our models are open, so you can see what goes into them and how we come to our conclusions. And we triangulate our data like crazy.