• 2003

Company Description

Besides spezialized DSP hardware and algorithms, we offer Blackhawk JTAG-Emulators for debugging of Texas Intruments DSP devices.

A.R. Bayer DSP Systeme GmbH is located in the city of Dusseldorf, by the famous river Rhine, Germany, and provides design services, hardware and algorithms for DSP and FPGA applications. Furthermore, they offer own products as well as products from their technology partners Blackhawk (JTAG emulators), Corelis (boundary-scan) and Critical Link (system-on-modules). They develop highly optimized DSP/FPGA systems, usually consisting of electronic assemblies and application specific software (firmware) for a variety of applications. They deliver everything from concept to production data, integration of software components, complete validated systems, or individual portions of your project - just the way you need it. Their quality management has been certified per ISO9001-2015. They not only promise the outstanding technical quality, they comply with the standards demanded per ISO9001.