• 2013

Company Description

Arab Business Review is a website for the sharing of business news and information in the Middle East.

Arab Business Review (“ABR”) is a unique online platform that offers an interesting array of articles, video interviews, live debates, diversified business comics, and other attention- grabbing content mainly aimed at the Middle Eastern Region. ABR offers the following services: 1. Articles - Regular articles on various business topics by renowned business people, academics and others sharing their experiences, testing the rationality of prevalent practices, and giving advice on various issues faced by practitioners in the Middle East. 2. Interviews - Regular video interviews with key, bright business figures in the Middle East discussing their successes and failures, their notable achievements, and most importantly the various lessons learned from their experiences. 3. Debates - Spirited debates that bring together two personalities with opposing views on different topics in areas of economics, finance, management practices, and other contemporary matters. The live debate will be posted to our website where members can vote on them and engage in discussions with participants. 4. Business Comics - Humorous comics highlight trending business and social habits.