• 2008 April 12

Company Description

ArabCrunch is a news aggregate service focusing on Arab tech news and some politics.

ArabCrunch http://arabcrunch.com is a network of professional tech blogs and events geared with a mission to help accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in the Arab world. ArabCrunch started in 2008 with its English edition ArabCrunch.com now it also includes: ArabCrunch Arabic Edition and ARABCRUNCH DEMO. ArabCrunch English http://arabcrunch.com: is the ultimate online English source for Arab tech startups, companies, social media and mobile news and opinion in the Arab world. ARABCRUNCH DEMO: http://events.arabcrunch.com/demo9 In its effort to drive innovation and help create an ecosystem to support entrepreneurship and startups in the Arab world, ArabCrunch organized in February 2009 the first ARABCRUNCH DEMO 09, The Launchpad Event for Emerging Technologies in the Arab World, the regular event offered unfunded Arab startups free chance to demo in front of Investors, tech enthusiast and the media. ArabCrunch Arabic Edition http://arabcrunch.com/ar : In October 2009, ArabCrunch launched “ArabCrunch Arabic Edition” the first Arabic blog that focus on tech startups, entrepreneurship, social media and mobile news and views and that is based on “citizen journalism”.