• 2002 October 01

Company Description

ArabHardware is an online IT and electronics community in the Middle East.

ArabHardware is the largest IT and electronics community in the middle east. It is the only specialized website in its region. It consists of a Forum (2002), Portal (2006), Magazine (2011) and lately an online store (in Dec 2012). The portal has daily news posts, technical articles, tutorials and reviews. It is the first website that starting reviewing products in the middle east having its own review lab and it became the most trusted source through out the years. Arabhardware now has the power to control what products would sell in the region, one negative review on a product will drop the sales in the middle east. The company started an E-commerce website in December 2012 covering Egypt only as a start, the e-commerce section was a success given their experience and that they were able to provide products that are not available in any other store the country. Looking at their history on the articles on the portal you would see that they are always invited to the international events for computer hardware and electronics.