• 2010 December 01

Company Description

Arachnys is the leading cloud-based solution for assessing financial crime customer risk and CDD, KYC and EDD compliance.

Arachnys consolidates valuable business information from emerging markets to help companies increase opportunities and reduce risk in complex but attractive markets like India, China, Russia and the Middle East. Emerging markets are seeing an explosion of business information coming online, but information is fragmented, badly organised, and often unsearchable. Current business information providers' models focus on easy-to-obtain data - but do not allow for the extraction of important data locked into siloed corporate and governmental datasets. Arachnys uses domain expertise from the security and investigative industry alongside innovative spidering and scraping technology to identify high-value information buried in the deep web and make it searchable and accessible to businesses - investment banks, hedge funds, law firms, accountants and risk consultancies - who are increasingly looking to emerging markets for growth.