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Arasor Corporation is develops and manufactures communications integrated circuits.

Arasor Corporation, headquartered in Fremont, CA., develops and manufactures communications integrated circuits, components, and subsystems that collectively revolutionize wired and wireless communications. The company's proprietary technology platform significantly reduces system costs and extends photonics technology to a wide variety of leading-edge applications, including wireline and wireless communications and defense. Based on the world's most advanced passive and active optical technologies, Arasor's end-to-end component and subsystem solutions are fabricated using a revolutionary 3D wafer-processing technology. With their substantially reduced drive voltage, greatly increased bandwidth, and the smallest form-factor in the industry, Arasor products enable customers to create efficient, simple, and low-cost business models. Arasor, which was founded in 2001, is privately funded and has facilities in Yokohama, Japan; Shanghai, China; and Nansha, China.

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