• 2017 April 24

Company Description

An innovative SaaS based application for business for all your documents to be endorsed/attested/signed with a click in seconds

ARBAAN GT PRIVATE LIMITED is A company founded in 2017 and we build Products to Small & Large corporations across the globe with an ideology of Go Green behind every application developed. The word “GT” in our name abbreviates “GREEN TECHNOLOGY”. Innovating through Research & Development and keeping track of the technological advancements will make ARBAAN a market leader of innovation. Our products will be robust, easy to integrate, scalable and highly secure and a product with those qualities will help us win trusts of our clientele. ARBAAN will continue to develop products with this vision and our mission is being a World Leader in providing the most secure & robust Document & Workflow Management System as a service under one platform. The products we develop will have our core ideology of GO GREEN and conservation of natural resources as a flavor. A business entity needs to be profitable from Day one, that will be a part of the business plan but not our mission. COUNTASIGN is our first step towards achieving ARBAAN’s Vision & Mission.