• 2012 November 14

Company Description

Mobile-first Music Discovery

Arboreal (formerly Listn) helps you keep track of the music you discover with the simple format of a todo list. We think that the most meaningful discoveries come from friends, not a super-smart algorithm that recommends music based on what you've already heard. Listn is specifically designed to capture these personal recommendations so you don't forget about them and provide you with a way to further explore rich artist content. Features: • Search the world’s largest music databases with lightning-fast suggestions • Keep track of music discoveries with the simple format of a todo list • View artist photos • Read in-depth artist biographies • Browse complete discographies and high resolution album artwork • Listen to music samples and buy on iTunes Stay in touch: • http://listn.net • @discoverlistn • facebook.com/discoverlistn Available now in the iOS App Store!