• 1986

Company Description

Technology Research for Industry

ARC Advisory Group is the leading technology research and advisory firm for industry and infrastructure. Our coverage of technology and trends extends from business systems to product and asset lifecycle management, supply chain management, operations management, energy optimization and automation systems. Our analysts and consultants have the industry knowledge and the first-hand experience to help our clients find the best answers to the complex business issues facing organizations today. Making strategic decisions is a difficult, time consuming and costly process. ARC delivers STAR (Solutions That Accelerate Results), a process designed to guide, educate and logically drive a team to a valuable consensus. The process assists the project team through the necessary phases in making a decision. At the end, the process is completely documented. ARC’s Advisory Services deliver a comprehensive portfolio of knowledge-based products and services to keep you ahead of the latest industry dynamics, enterprise applications, and plant systems. Our analysts sift through the clamor of market hype to deliver clear, concise, supplier-neutral summaries of key trends and technologies. A low client to analyst ratio ensures quick direct access to those who are familiar with your business and the intelligence you need.