• 2008 April 06

Company Description

A Better Opinion is a review platform that connects its user with like-minded people in discovering new movies, books, and video games.

A Better Opinion is a community-powered review site that matches a user up with other like-minded users for the purpose of discovering new movies, books and video games. It's the only site for movies, books, or video games that matches up users with similar tastes, allowing them to exchange relevant reviews and recommendations. Think of it as 'Match Site' meets 'Review Site'. www.aBetterOpinion.com works in a two-step process. First, users rate the things they've seen, read or played. The more they rate, the better the site works for them and everyone else. Next, when they search for an opinion on a specific product, the website sorts the available reviews based on who shares their same tastes. It even narrows the matching to within the genre searched, really giving them targeted matches. Another powerful feature is the ability to receive general recommendations. Again, the site will find a user's best matches and display those matches' favorite products. After all, a reliable recommendation can only come from someone who thinks like you do!