Company Description

AMP, a California-based start-up building audio processing technologies to empower people to hear better in their everyday lives.

M. Pappas & Associates is a venture capital firm investing in and nurturing promising companies, products, technologies, ventures, and other significant entrepreneurial opportunities. Currently, it has 350 million U.S. dollars in capital under management and has invested in more than 65 portfolio companies in the United States and Canada. While its focus is on serving investors and entrepreneurs, the firm also supports philanthropic interests in the realms of life sciences, public education, and entrepreneurial endeavors. M. Pappas & Associates manages three lines of business that include Pappas Ventures, manages a family of life science venture capital funds, whose portfolio companies include Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical, Chimerix, TESARO, TYRX, and Lumena Pharmaceuticals; specialized fund management, leverages its experience, expertise, and network on behalf of highly targeted investment fund opportunities; and translational medicine initiatives, envisions an opportunity to place A. M. Pappas & Associates at the nexus between researchers, university tech transfer offices, pharmaceutical companies, and disease-focused philanthropic organizations to select, guide, and manage academic-based translational product candidates to early development milestones that will attract private investment or industry interest.