• 2005

Company Description

Pandora Corporation was formed with one goal - to help our customers monitor, control and protect their families and themselves online.From keeping children safe from predators and shielding them from potentially harmful or mature content, to ensuring the integrity of your relationships, online records, accounts and personal information, Pandora Corporation's flagship PC Pandora program is an essential tool in the fight against the potentially catastrophic consequences of having your privacy (or that of your family) breached.Pandora Corporation is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with offices in San Diego, Texas, New York and overseas. Pandora Corporation continues to innovate and integrate features our users want and request. Pandora Recovery comes as a proof of our commitment.

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    505 E. Windmill Ln #1B-301
    Las Vegas, NV 89123
    United States
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    • James Leasure