• 2014

Company Description

Online social marketplace for art

A R T C U B E redefines how we see, experience and buy art. An exclusive online & offline experience for individuals in the art world to share and connect. Expand your network of like-minded people on a social and professional level. From artists to collectors, galleries and everyone who is enthusiastic about art - A R T C U B E will unite the art world. We match buyers directly with galleries, simplifying the purchasing process, while enhancing sales and publicity for the gallery. Combining both a social network with an online marketplace, A R T C U B E provides users with a unique way to fully immerse themselves in all aspects of the art world. Using new technology, including live streaming, AR & VR, we recreate the OFFLINE experience ONLINE. With an expertly curated selection of contemporary fine art in a range of prices, we provide customers with an unparalleled selection to discover, love and buy. Get ready for the launch in Spring 2016.

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    Media and Entertainment
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    Melissa Sueren
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    United Kingdom
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    • Melissa Sueren