• 2012 September 10

Company Description

A Song 2u is an app that enables users to enjoy private messages and exclusive videos from their favorite artists.

Dedicate a song to your friends. A song 2u is a new app about people and music. With this app you can dedicate a song to your friends and they`ll receive in their mobile phone, a message saying there's 'a song 2u', with a link where they can see the dedication with a music video. You can capture your own videos or select your favorite from a search and share them with all the people you care. As well, you can now personalize your personal messages too in a very cool way. In your dedication you can tell them whatever you want, like happy birthday, good luck with your exams,I spend a great time yesterday... You can chat with other people around the world about your favorite bands. Latest music news... Watch the Top Ten videos. In the wall, you'll see all the dedications with the music videos from people all over the world continuously, except the private dedications, which will only be on your profile. The private dedications will never appear in the homepage. You can make your own favorite playlists with your favorite music videos by dedicating them to your friends. In your favorite playlists you can watch your favorite music videos continuously. And it's absolutely free!

  • Manufacturer:

    Media and Entertainment
  • Formed:

    November 10, 2012
  • Founders:

    Ignacio Redondo
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    7950 NW 53rd St. Suite 33
    Miami, FL
    United States
  • CEO:

    • Ignacio Redondo