• 1990

Company Description

A-Z Computer Liquidators is a company specialized in computer wholesale remarketing solutions and computer liquidation services.

A-Z computer liquidators specialize in computer wholesale remarketing solutions and computer liquidation services to businesses closing their doors, undergoing bankruptcy, company restructuring, upgrading used computer equipment or corporate downsizing from poor economic conditions. Clients utilizing our high tech liquidation services include folding dot-com startups, Fortune 500 US companies, universities, creditors and debtors, CIOs, MIS managers and IT business sectors. A-Z computer liquidators buy, sell and trade corporate information technology surplus which includes: off lease, refurbished, used computer systems, pre-owned laptops, monitors, used Cisco and data network equipment. A-Z stands for buying and selling all technology products from Apple, Agilent, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Compaq / HP, IBM Tektronix products, to Zenith technologies. Computer, used laptop and desktop asset removal and disposal. Our services: We function as full service nationwide PC liquidators in the technology secondary grey market. Our used computer resale marketplace features specials on surplus computer and network hardware. A-Z computer liquidation offers closeout and discount prices on networking gear and surplus computers to wholesale buyers who browse our liquidation site periodically looking for bulk deals. Buy and sell used IT assets through our liquidation marketplace. Our end-of sale (EOS), end-of-life (EOL) product asset management services are designed for business clients only. A-Z liquidation does not buy from or sell to the general public - wholesalers and business only.