• 2006

Company Description

Zhen Ding Technology is specialized in manufacturing Flexible Printed Circuit.

Zhen Ding Technology Holding Limited (ZDT) was established in June, 2006, and is specialized in manufacturing Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC), High Density Interconnection (HDI), Rigid Printed Circuit Board (R-PCB) and Integrated Circuit Substrate (ICS). These products are broadly applied in the area of computer information, consumer electronics, communication, and networking products. ZDT's experienced management team is led by Chairman Charles Shen. They cooperate with world leading customers and utilize advanced technology to construct manufacturing sites on the basis of high efficiency and low cost. They continuously promote four modernized manufacturing engineering processes: efficiency, rationalization, computerization, and unmanned production.

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    No. 6, Lane 28, Sanhe Rd., Sanahi Village, Dayuan