• 2017 May 18

Company Description

AI, Machine Learning,Cloud-based Platform

Zhiyi Tech is the world’s leading provider of AI technology and services. The founding team comes from Silicon Valley and the company is equipped with cutting edge machine learning technologies. Its unique one-stop cloud-based platform that combines both AI R&D and application will simplify the development and deployment of AI applications. This cloud based machine learning platform will help various industries/enterprises to transform and upgrade, increase efficiency, empower them with AI in a cost effective way, and finally bring greater commercial value. Zhiyi Tech aims to provide clients with the most effective「AI+」upgraded solution. Core team members all come from top global IT firms, like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Alibaba, etc. Education backgrounds include world famous universities, such as Tsinghua University, Cornell University, University of Michigan, University of Virginia, etc. Our company has gained millions of dollars in angel investment from several top Capital Funds.