• 1997

Company Description

Zhou Heiya specializes in the deep processing of cooked and stewed food such as duck, goose, and vegetarian products.

Hubei Zhou Heiya Food specializes in the deep processing of the cooked and stewed food, such as duck, goose, and duck by-products as well as vegetarian products. Zhou Fuyu founded the Zhou Heiya in 1997, and applied for the registration of the Zhou Heiya brand in 2004. He then submitted the trademark application of ''Zhou Heiya'' to the National Industry and Trademark Office in 2005. He then founded the Wuhan Century Zhou Heiya Food Limited Company in 2006 and established a new milestone in 2007. In 2008, he changed the name to Hubei Zhou Heiya Food Limited Company. In 2009, Zhou Fuyu’s company obtained the title of a ‘Wuhan famous brand product’ and one of the ten best employers. Zhou Heiya expanded its market in the big cities from 2010 to 2012.

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    Fuyu Zhou
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    • Fuyu Zhou