• 2013

Company Description

Zing is a digital technology company which develops digital projects via social, mobile and web.

Zing is a social commerce platform that allows SMBs to directly manage online promotions. The app enables merchants to launch flash sales from a Facebook page providing precise analytics about purchases and about the results of the campaign. Zing improves the effectiveness of the merchant campaign converting ‘likes’ into new customers: the native integration with Facebook Open Graph gives the advantage to direct the promotions toward specific target users and to to track the user during the whole purchase process. A purchase starts in the merchant Facebook page or in the Zing portals (Facebook and Web), that will serve as a global storefront, redirecting new customers to the merchant's Facebook page. The service is always free for shoppers, while merchants can subscribe premium versions and buy prepaid packages of transactions, always dealing with clear and verifiable costs. On February 2013 the alpha version has been tested by professional merchants (three from horeca and two from sportswear industry). Zing is available as private beta and professional merchants are involved and they are giving us daily feedback. Advanced tools, like targeted flash sales, analytics and mobile will be developed and tested by the end of June 2013.