• 2008

Company Description

ZingChart is a JavaScript charting library. Create fast, interactive data visualizations, even with big data.

ZingChart emerged out of the development of a deep web analytics system in need of some standard charting features. Unfortunately, the state of the art Flash and based graphing systems kept buckling under the volume of data provided and lacked the required flexibility. As a result, the Zingchart project was born in 2008 and officially released about one year later. Since then, they have not waited for an official release to add features. They have been working full time to improve ZingChart based on their internal needs and customer requests. They gathered all these additions and several new ones into ZingChart 2.0. And of course, ZingChart 2.0 still remains true to their original goals.

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    Data and Analytics
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    Thomas Powell
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    2105 Garnet Ave
    San Diego, CA
    United States
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    • Thomas Powell