• 2012 July 07

Company Description

Provides Quality Professional Writing, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Blog Design, and Blog Post Writing. Craft and Design Premium.

ZipMinis Freelance Writing specializes in SEO content and professional documents including blog posts, web pages, copywriting, desktop publishing, presentations, custom emails, white papers, and ebooks. Darin L. Hammond owns and writes for the organization which he founded on July 7, 2012 in Rexburg, Idaho. He launched the ZipMinis website which focuses on social media, technology, and writing. Darin lives and breathes blogging and web development. He owns and operates ZipMinis Freelance Writing, Blog Funders, and ZipMinis Blogs. He loves learning, reading, and writing about everything: • blogs, bloggers, and blogging
 • innovating in a way that changes lives of individual bloggers
 • learning and the brain
 • writing and reading
 • psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience
 • quantum and particle physics
 • the practice of bonsai and other mindful activities
 • leadership, management, and work
 • crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and entrepreneurialism
 • philosophy, and the list grows daily
 Darin taught advanced writing at the university for 10 years, and owned a successful startup construction company prior to his current ventures. He now employs his Master's Degree in English and work experience to operate ZipMinis Freelance Writing and Blog Funders. Darin is a professional writer and blogger, and he writes powerful newsletters and blog and social media posts for businesses. He also publishes on sites like Technorati, Blog Critics, Business2Community, LifeHack, SteamFeed, and Social Media Today. As a blogger for more than five years, he understands the difficulty of surviving as blogger, and knows many thousands of people who sacrifice time, effort, and money just to put their voices out in blogs. Darin admires the tenacity, independence, and strength of bloggers and out of empathy for a common plight, he supports and elevates the community of bloggers with all his resources.
 He sees blogging as a source of life experience, meditation, communication, and education, and will fight to the death for the cause of global bloggers. Send him a personal note at [email protected]