• 2011 March 31

Company Description

Zippie is a web application that enables its users to search, reserve, and pay for services.

Zippie.co identifies excess capacity within the local service provider marketplace for the home and delivers that capacity directly to consumers at a discount. Many professional service providers such as handymen, plumbers, tree trimmers, movers, and carpet cleaners have idle time on their hands. This can range from 10% to 40% of their time depending on a variety of factors. They often have payroll and other fixed costs to meet so having staff on the bench is not productive for the business. This means that they are willing to discount during their slow times in order to generate revenues during typically slow times for their business. Home owners have many service related needs for various projects around the house. They can utilize zippie.co to find, book, and pay for services that they need at a discounted price.