• 2012

Company Description

ZippyApp is the most effective, efficient and effortless way to apply for and recruit for local jobs in the service industry.

Managing a restaurant is challenging, but staffing it with quality hires doesn’t have to be. The days of high turnover, a seeming lack of experienced applicants, and expensive recruitment advertising are over. Restaurant hiring is a local practice in search of a local workforce. Centralized regional or national career sites, corporate recruitment portals and long application processes deter qualified applicants from applying for your jobs and simply ignore the unique aspects of your industry. ZippyApp (Apply in a zippy!) addresses restaurant staffing challenges head on. To facilitate and expedite application submissions, ZippyApp requires job seekers to complete only one common employment application. They then have the option of attaching a resume and cover letter to enhance their profile. They simply use this common application and profile to apply for any job on ZippyApp - from anywhere and on any device with just a few clicks. To meet local hiring needs, ZippyApp provides unique hiring web pages for each business location – whether you have one location or 10,000. These hiring portals are accessible via a custom URL or a custom QR code to facilitate discovery. ZippyApp hiring portals provide a description and list of available jobs for a given location. The jobs can be posted and closed with just one click by even the busiest local manager. Job Seekers visit the hiring portals by simply typing in the appropriate URL or scanning the QR code posted at the restaurant on their mobile device. They select the job and hit “Apply.” It’s that simple!