• 2011 November 01

Company Description

Ziptask is an online outsourcing services platform that employs project managers to execute the projects of consumers and SMEs.

Ziptask is a 'fully managed' work platform that operates as a layer on top of crowd labor marketplaces such as oDesk and Elance. It is the first outsourcing platform built around a network of expert project managers who reduce the risk and cost for small businesses. Ziptask uses its network of project managers and proprietary software platform of collaboration tools to on-board, assess, and outsource small and medium projects ($1K-$10K), and ensure they are delivered in pre-agreed timeframe and cost. The tech-savvy project managers insulate the customer from the friction and headaches of the outsourcing process. The project managers use the collaboration, communication, screening, billing and project execution tools to empower teams and run projects efficiently in one place. It’s a drag & drop, one-click solution for a cumbersome and complex process.