• 2011

Company Description

Ziptip offers a mobile payment solution that enables consumers to tip online services.

Ziptip is mobile payments for tips and gratuities. It's a new way to get tipped instantly by anyone, anytime. Get instant tips just by using a business card! Unlike other mobile payment solutions, Ziptip's doesn't require the tip recipient to use or expose their phones at work, use any other hardware or perform any operations. Tippers want to tip but many no longer carry cash. Credit card tipping is fraught with problems too as the tip is paid to the wrong party - the merchant! These are just some of the problems Ziptip's solution solves in the tipping space. Tippers use the free Ziptip app to transact instant tips directly to the account of the tip recipient. PayPal processes all transactions. Tip recipients sign up and order cards (or other products displaying their unique images) at ziptip.net. The solution is not limited to scanning and is patent pending with USPTO with preference to early 2011. Help Ziptip innovate the tipping space. Load the free Ziptip app on your phone (Android or iPhone) and 'share' Ziptip with those who might benefit!