• 2011 May 01

Company Description

Zivame is an Indian online lingerie store that enables customers to browse items by category, brand, color and size.

Zivame(http://www.zivame.com), an online lingerie store featuring hundreds of styles for the Indian woman, officially opened its doors online in August 2011. Customers can easily browse by category, brand, color, size and even choose lingerie by identifying what they want to wear it under! Zivame replicates the offline shopping experience by offering detailed product pages, inexpensive fast shipping and has a customer-friendly hassle-free return and refund policy. Whether you're an Indian woman or man, Zivame is focused on creating an online shopping experience where users can browse at their convenience and privacy of their homes. Zivame defies expectations in the lingerie and e-commerce space by surpassing what consumers have enjoyed hitherto in brick and mortar lingerie stores.