• 2002

Company Description

ZoomSystems is the global leader in automated retail, providing an end-to-end solution including hardware, software and managed services.

ZoomSystems is the global leader in the automated retail industry. Founded in 2002, ZoomSystems develops and operates a valuable, unattended point-of-sale solution for brands and retailers. Its in-store and satellite retail units include integrated hardware, software and managed services to deliver a product from manufacturer to consumer, helping brands increase sales, expand market reach and enhance the consumer experience. The ZoomShop network has grown to more than 1,500 locations in airports, malls, resorts, military bases and retail stores across the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. Top brand and retail partners include Best Buy, Nespresso, Proactiv, Amazon, Essie, Benefit Cosmetics and Albertsons. ZoomSystems is based in San Francisco, CA and investors include Sierra Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Starfish Ventures and NeoCarta Ventures.