• 2009 December 26

Company Description

It aims to simplify social marketing

ZoomZio is a service that aims to simplify social marketing, one of the most teeming areas in the field of advertising right now. The one social network that is specifically targeted is Facebook, as the site allows companies to create campaigns on their Facebook Pages and reach out to their active users, effectively increasing the presence of their brands. Nothing has to be downloaded or installed in order to create and launch a campaign, and there is no need to assemble an IT/Web team in order to keep everything running. When it comes to the different types of campaigns that can be created, these include all the prototypical ones such as “Webform”, “Quiz”, “Sweepstake”, “Coupon” and “Trivia Test”. That is quite a good range in itself, and it covers the different sectors of the public that you could aim for satisfactorily enough. The main advantage of the site is that instead of having to wait weeks on end to build an interactive application from scratch, you can create campaigns of every type in minutes and have users participating on the spot. And most of all, you can do it cost-effectively.