• 2012 May 01

Company Description

Zoop offers a mobile payment platform that enables individuals and businesses to process electronic payments remotely from any location.

Zoop (pagzoop.com) is a safe and secure mobile social commerce and payment platform that enables merchants and consumers to take full advantage of a seamless shopping experience anywhere, anytime, anyway. Unlike Square and PayPal Here, which only works with magnetic stripe cards and requires a merchant to plug a card-reading dongle into the headphone jack of the mobile device, Zoop offers a portable wireless mobile point-of-sales (MPOS) platform enabled to support all kinds of payment options, including EMV smart chip-based credit and debit cards, contactless/NFC payments, loyalty cards, gift cards, as well as traditional magstripe cards. Additionally, the built-in PIN-pad allows secure entry of a customer PIN for payment authorization. It allows anyone with virtually any mobile device to get paid however they do business. With Zoop, there are no upfront set-up charges, monthly or cancellation fees, maintenance costs, or hidden fees to have an account. Zoop processes a card transaction using a free mobile app and the free multifunctional mobile credit card reader. The funds from all transactions are deposited directly to the linked bank account the next day.