• 2007

Company Description

Zooppa is a global social network for creative talent that partners with companies to launch user-generated advertising campaigns.

Zooppa generates high quality video and graphic design content for advertising campaigns. Marketers and advertisers from the world’s top brands use Zooppa’s crowdsourcing platform to connect with an online creative community of over 300,000 members. Zooppa campaigns begin with a creative brief that outline the campaign's mission and identifies its target audience. Zooppa members are then invited to create advertisements the fulfill the campaign's brief and compete for cash prizes. Ads can take many forms, like unbranded video content, 30-second commercials, animations, print ads, or scripted concepts. Zooppa offers a end-to-end crowdsourcing solution, that can include content creation, moderation, licensing, distribution and awards fulfillment. At the start of 2015, Zooppa has launched over 300 user-generated advertising campaigns with major brands such as P&G, AT&T, Siemens, Zappos, Samsung, NBC Universal and General Motors. Clients have used the Zooppa platform for a variety of campaign purposes, including social media engagement, online word-of-mouth, gaining consumer insights, and branded promotional content.