• 2008 November 01

Company Description

ZOOZ Mobile is a music technology and mobile app development company that acts as a mobile music studio.

ZOOZ Mobile brings novel, interactive, and social music-making experiences to everyone. The company combines breakthrough scientific research with innovative design to create leading, critically-acclaimed apps in the fast-growing mobile music market. ZOOZ Mobile offers everyone a fun way to express themselves musically right from their phone. ZOOZbeat is the first Mobile Music Studio, an integrated mobile and web-based studio for music creation, interaction and sharing for individuals and groups, musicians and non-musicians. ZOOZbeat has been available on the iTunes AppStore since November, 2008 and has had over 1,000,000 downloads, and 500,000 users. The company has already demonstrated its ability to develop cool, highly acclaimed and very popular music applications and content, and has a strong vision to build a highly scalable, branded platform for music creation and content distribution. Company Background: Founded by professor Gil Weinberg of Georgia Tech, ZOOZ Mobile has exclusive worldwide licenses to 2 utility and 6 pending Georgia Tech patents, with more on the drawing board. The patents cover music intelligence, gesture recognition, latency reduction, and software-hardware integration, thus, allowing smartphones to responsively and accurately generate and control music. Charles Spencer joined the company as a consultant in January 2010, and then CEO in March 2012. Charles received his MBA degree from Georgia Tech, is well connected to the Atlanta music industry, and has previously worked as a professional musician touring with top tier recording artists. Scott Geller, the current board chairman, has built three successful technology companies since 1991, including 2order.com which he sold to public company, Primus Knowledge Solutions, in 2000.