• 2008 April 21

Company Description

Zorap offers a media-agnostic multi-point sharing and communication service that facilitates real-time participatory calls on the internet.

Zorap enables real-time participatory events, activities, ad-hoc meetings and calls on the internet. The company's media-agnostic multi-point sharing and communication service enables sharing of live media - including photos, music, videos, and other types of files — either from their computer, or from sources on the internet. The services also allow users to share webcams, microphones, and text. Up to 50 people can participate simultaneously. Zorap integrates with social media sites (iMeem or YouTube as examples), social networks (Ning or Facebook as examples) and user presence info (multiple sources). Additional integrations will facilitate shared game experiences and product 'show and tell.' The company has raised $1M in funding from private investors.

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    May 21, 2008
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    35 Fieldstone Lane
    Falmouth, ME
    United States
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    • Barry Spencer