• 2014

Company Description

The mission of zPREDICTA is to fully automate drug development.

zPREDICTA’s bio-simulation technology combines biology with automation and computation to fully automate drug development. zPREDICTA's Reconstructed Organ (r-Organ) bio-simulation platform enables pharma to rapidly identify drug candidates that will be effective in patients. r-Organ is a set of next generation 3D culture models that provide 1-to-1 reconstruction of human tissue microenvironment in an organ- and disease-specific manner allowing accurate prediction of drug response. Utilizing r-Organ technology, zPREDICTA is mapping cellular behavior in response to anticancer drugs.

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    Data and Analytics
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    Mukti Parikh
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    5941 Optical Court
    San Jose, CA
    United States
  • CEO:

    • Mukti Parikh