• 1994

Company Description

ZT Systems is a professional provider in the cloud solutions.

Some of most important things in their lives are no longer physical. Their relationships, their memories, their favorite music, even the way they do business are becoming more powerfully enabled by the cloud. ZT Systems isn’t just in the business of engineering and building hardware solutions. They’re in the business of providing the infrastructure that will power the future of human progress, interaction, and achievement. And they don’t take this responsibility lightly. ZT Systems partners with you to collaboratively design hyperscale compute and storage solutions based on your unique value criteria. Instead of limiting you to a catalog or roadmap, they develop a set of evolving platform building blocks that balance technology leadership, cost efficiency and supply diversity. The resulting solutions are best fit to your unique workload, performance and operating cost requirements – and free from nonessential functionality and add-ons. Similarly, optional logistics and service solutions are tailored to match specific requirements and compliment customer resources. Founded in 1994, and headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, ZT Systems is a private company ensuring complete confidentiality for their customers. They combine the scale needed to support the largest customers with the agility of a focused, efficiently-structured organization. This means they can act quickly to do what’s necessary – no bureaucracy or competing priorities, no limitations in expertise or scale.