• 2015 November 05

Company Description

ZUBBit Driving Traffic via Content. Don't Just Share it, ZUBBit

zubbit.io is an incredibly powerful software tool for people marketing or advertising online or just wanting to boost and build their brand. It enables you to turn content sharing into profit by letting you add your call-to-action to any page from any website you want to share. So instead of just sharing it, ZUBBit ! You can share content from any of your favorite websites, maybe Mashable, TechCrunch, CNN - whatever ! but the difference is instead of just sharing great content you can now add your call-to-action to those sites and share a zubbit link instead. That link will still take the viewer to the content but they will now see the content PLUS your call-to-action. And it gets better! If they then share that content with their followers - your call-to-action goes with it. BOOM! How good is that? It means your adverts can go VIRAL!

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    Social Media Marketing
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    January 5, 2015
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    Bank Gallery, 13 High Street
    United Kingdom