• 2012 May 01

Company Description

Zubie is a connected-car app that provides location tracking, driver scoring, alert and location sharing services.

Zubie is a connected-car app and service that makes driving and car-ownership fun and social for consumers. The free Zubie App enables easy location tracking of family members, driver-scoring, location-based alerts and private location-sharing during trips with friends. Upgrading to the paid solution includes the Zubie Key (TM) - a small device that plugs into the car - and delivers real-time engine health monitoring and phenomenal insight into upcoming maintenance costs and car value. Consumers can save money and make highly informed decisions about trade-ins. In addition to consumer solutions, Zubie's market focus includes fleet-managment and Usage-Based-Insurance (UBI). Our hardware consists of an autonomous plug-in device, the Zubie Key, that plugs into the car's OBD port and includes a GPS unit, an accelerometer, and cellular always-on connectivity back to our cloud servers. The hardware is certified and has passed stingent quality and RF testing. The Zubie app will be available on iOS in Summer 2013 and coming in Q3 on Android. Our service platform uses Big-Query-powered graph database and a sophisticated data integration and analytics engine that compiles relevant data from multiple exclusive sources to provide the most meaningful and interesting information about the health and value of your car.

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    November 1, 2012
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    2113 Middle Street Suite 203
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