• 2013

Company Description

Zubii - Real Estate. Real Connections.

Zubii is a modern online resource – a tool – designed to make it incredibly easy for homebuyers (or sellers) to find, and connect with, a real estate agent they can trust. People can choose an agent who best fits their needs based on the positive reviews and recommendations of real clients. Zubii enables people to search based on the specific credentials or personal qualities they want in an agent, including expertise in particular neighborhoods. People talk – and Zubii thinks that’s a good thing. If you’re an agent, Zubii doesn’t care whether you’ve been in the real estate game for two days or two decades. What matters most is what your clients think. Real clients sharing their experiences are what determine our agent rankings. If you’re hardworking, knowledgeable and professional, then your reviews – and your agent ranking – will reflect that.

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    700 Westlake Ave N, Suite 300
    Seattle, WA
    United States