• 2012 July 27

Company Description

Zugme is a social networking site where users can share content using a two-dimensional feed tagged by topic and city.

Zugme is a social media by the people for the people. Inform others and discover what is happening in your community, reach and inspire your audience, and connect with like-minded people around the globe. Zugme, a non-conventional social networking and promotional media, is featured with a two-dimensional (topic and geo-location) navigational architecture - two-dimensional feed - each offering its own level of exposure. Content is tagged by topic and city, and instantly appears in both the chosen topic feed and the chosen city feed, resulting in superior exposure for your updates, photos, videos, music and audio. The audio commenting feature gives users the opportunity to approach social networking with a more human-like interaction. You can install Zugme Mobile apps on your iPhone or Android and use all the features directly from there.

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    January 27, 2012
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    5795 S. Sandhill Road, Suite F
    Las Vegas, NV
    United States