• 2009 October 31

Company Description

Zulama brings cost-effective yet high-tech computer science education into K-12 classrooms through video game design.

Zulama Modern Learning is the first platform to combine game design technologies and project-based strategies. Faculty at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center helped us develop a way to bring game design, programming, art, and screenwriting to middle and high schoolers. Zulama provides extensive mentor-based professional development so teachers learn to become “Creative Directors” and facilitate our rigorous new curriculum in their own classrooms. We help teachers see how both building and playing games satisfies state and national curriculum standards, develops 21st Century Skills, and promotes higher-order Blooms. We combine STEM with the Arts (STEAM) to give students not only the skills but also the creativity they need to thrive in the global digital workplace. Zulama is leading a movement away from the current industrial-era educational model towards interest-driven deeper learning that prepares students for success in the 21st Century. The payoff we are seeing with current schools includes improvement in statewide school rankings, fewer dropouts and behavioral problems, and improved student math and reading proficiency levels. With Zulama, students are building games. They are building enthusiasm. They are building skills that lead to high-tech careers … and that’s how, together, the Zulama community is building tomorrow’s workforce.

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    September 31, 2009
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    1501 Preble Ave, 4th floor
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