• 2012

Company Description

Zuli's first product, the Zuli Smartplug, enables lights and appliances to adapt passively based on a user's presence in their home.

Zuli is building the hands free home. Zuli offers the most value for the cost when compared to other smart plugs on the market. With Zuli Smartplugs you can: Have Every Room Just the Way You Want It - When your home has Zuli Presence, any room with a Smartplug will know you’re there or not. Lighting and temperature will instantly adapt to your preferences. Zuli Presence also enhances the experience of other smart home products. Lift Only a Finger Tap on, tap off. Stay comfortable while controlling lights from the Zuli app. Feel More Powerful See your energy at a glance -- a smarter home means smarter choices. Get The Mood Right Adjust every light like it has a dimmer, even when it doesn’t. Everything on Your Time Create schedules for lights and appliances, and never think about them again. Zuli works with the Nest Learning Thermostat. Some Possible Use Cases: Enable Zuli Presence to adjust your lights when you walk into your home in the evening. Don't fumble for the switch. Adjust lights and appliances from the couch. Adjust brightness of lights in any room to create the perfect atmosphere. Monitor energy consumption and make smarter, more energy efficient choices to save energy and money. Schedule your slow cooker to start several hours before you leave work to arrive home to a delicious meal.

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    Sid Bhargava
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    461 2nd Street, Suite 207
    San Francisco, CA
    United States
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    • Sid Bhargava