• 2006

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Building location-aware services

ZuluTime is innovating and evolving position, navigation and timing (PNT) technologies for wireless networks. The companyâ€s patented architecture enables wireless networks to become “location aware” through normal communications traffic that occurs on those networks. Simply by their involvement in a wireless network, smartphones and other networked devices are located and positioned in interior spaces with far greater accuracy, even in distortion-rich environments where GPS signals cannot penetrate. ZuluTime technology greatly expands opportunities for location-based services in retail, social networks and industrial applications without embedded technology or special rule sets or synchronization. In retail, ZuluTimeâ€s location-based solution enables one-to-one marketing to the shopper at aisle-level accuracy. When integrated into the retailerâ€s customer loyalty database, shoppers can now opt-in to receive relevant offers and product information triggered by their location and shopping behavior in the store, further combined with current and past purchase patterns and preferences. This level of detail also provides retailers with robust analytics on shopper paths and dwell times, along with opportunities to influence shopper behavior through anticipatory retailing practices. ZuluTimeâ€s software platform is agnostic to network type. Although initially developed for Wi-Fi networks, the technology is equally suited for WiMax, cellular, Bluetooth and other digital radio networks to provide their own reliable positioning services. Featuring rapid deployment, scalability and a low total-cost approach, ZuluTime achieves greater accuracy than traditional positioning techniques, such as GPS, TDOA, and RSSI. ZuluTime is privately held and was formed in 2006. ZuluTimeâ€s co-founder and Chief Architect, Geoff Rhoads, is one of the most prolific inventors in the last fifty years, with over 300 issued patents across a variety of fields.

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