• 2010

Company Description

Artificial Intelligence Travel Technology * Hotel Distribution API * IBM Watson * Natural Language * Bots *500,000 Hotels

We are an artificial intelligence travel technology company and IBM Watson ecosystem partner. We help solve multi source travel distribution challenges like inventory, mapping, speed and supplier errors. We help our partners by providing them a single and cutting edge travel API with over 500,000 hotels. We work with OTA's, GDS's, Travel Technology startups, Loyalty and Reward companies, Corporate Travel companies, Travel Agents, and other travel companies. We are using IBM Watson for Natural Language Travel Search, A.I powered Customer Service and A.I powered Bots We also provide: - 24 hour customer support for our partners (we are there when you need us) - Basic and custom made travel booking solutions that support air, hotel, cars and activities driven for companies that don't have the resources or time to integrate and build their own. - Extranet so you can manage your own Hotel Properties and distribute them via our API to our partners.