• 2009 June 01

Company Description

IT Consulting Firm

Every day enterprises are faced with challenges driven by global competition. Innovation has become the key to staying ahead of the game, and business decisions are driven by costs, skilled workforce and time to market. Over the past couple of decades outsourcing, more specifically off-shoring, seemed to be the only solution to achieve objectives with lower costs. However, off-shoring came with its challenges of quality, hidden costs, security related challenges and communication & governance issues. At the peak of recession in 2009, Zuna Infotech was founded with the aim to provide jobs to the highly skilled IT workforce in the US by opening its delivery centers in low cost areas in the Midwest. With lower costs, highly skilled workforce, strong processes, excellent location advantage and collaborative mind-set, Zuna became the pioneer in Onshore Outsourcing. At Zuna our technology solutions are focused on achieving the business objectives of our customers. Our teams have deep-rooted enterprise experience, strong process-orientation, and experience across technology domains and industry verticals. Our competency centers are driven by the Practice approach, with knowledge management and retention, value creation and excellence at the heart of the Practice. Zuna is committed to providing jobs to the US workforce. We are committed to training, mentoring and building viable long-term careers. We are committed to our customers, and stand true to our motto of Commitment, Quality and Value.

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    Data and Analytics
  • Formed:

    January 1, 2009
  • Founders:

    Anju Bajaj
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    2747 South Albright Road
    Kokomo, IN
    United States
  • CEO:

    • Anju Bajaj