• 1998 February 01

Company Description

ZURB helps companies design better websites, services and products through services that include design strategy and interaction design.

ZURB is a close-knit team of product designers who help companies design better websites, services and online products. The team has worked with over 200 startups since 1998, generating more than $1 billion dollars in market capitalization. ZURB’s clients have included Facebook, Yahoo!, Trapit, Zazzle, Netflix, Salesforce, Reuters and McAfee, among many others. Their client services include Design Strategy (project definition), Interaction Design (project framing) and Implementation. ZURB also has several apps which help users quickly design great products through rapid prototyping, iteration and user feedback. Verify (http://www.verifyapp.com) is the fastest way to collect and analyze user feedback on screens and mockups. Notable (http://www.notableapp.com) allows a user to gather annotated feedback off of any interface screenshot, sketch or wireframe for faster iteration. Solidify (http://www.solidifyapp.com) helps you quickly create, test and share prototype screens to get actionable feedback. Influence (http://www.influenceapp.com) is the most effective way to present design mockups, visuals, and presentation for feedback from your team and clients. ZURB also has a variety of free apps that help design teams get stuff done. Foundation (http://foundation.zurb.com), created by ZURB, is the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the World. The latest version of Foundation, V3, was released in June 2012. In addition to services and product, ZURB hosts Soapbox, a speaking series highlighting local Bay Area entrepreneurs and thought leaders; Speak, a speaking series featuring talks on various product design topics; and the Blog, where the team shares thoughts on a variety of topics in product design and entrepreneurship. In June 2012, ZURB acquired Pattern Tap, a design database and community, for an undisclosed sum.