• 2014

Company Description

ZUtA Labs is a consumer electronics startup whose first product is a ZUtA Pocket Printer.

Zuta labs is developing a mobile printer that you can carry in your pocket alongside your cell phone. The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer has a battery that can be charged via USB cable and that lasts for up to an hour. It has an inkjet that can print out over 1,000 pages. It is a 4-inch by 4.5-inch inkjet printer on wheels, and deposits ink line-by-line just like a conventional printer does, except that it rolls over the page rather than sucking it through the printing mechanism. The printer uses standard HP ink cartridges and charges by USB and it’s light and small enough to fit in most bags.

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    Matan Caspi
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    3,, Professor Racah Street
  • CEO:

    • Matan Caspi