• 2005

Company Description

Zylinc develops contact management solutions enabling enterprises to deliver enhanced customer services.

As a subsidiary of IT company IntraVision. Zylinc was founded under the name 4TIP by IT entrepeneur René Viborg in 2005. The objective was to establish a company that could operate on the cutting edge of Unified Communications, developing and delivering innovative business solutions based on the convergence of IT and communications. Since incorporation, Zylinc has been growing rapidly. Through the period 2006-2010 Zylinc was number eight on Børsens list of Denmark’s fastest growing companies, the “Gazelle List”. In a few years Zylinc has succeeded attracting highly skilled employees with peak competencies within relevant technologies. The company today employs a team of highly qualified specialists, dedicated to the development of innovative business solutions based upon the convergence of IT and communications. Zylinc's vision is to define new global standards for the ability of corporations to deliver optimal personalized services to customers at the lowest cost possible. Zylinc offers the best solutions in the market for streamlining people-centric business processes, externally towards customers and internally between colleagues. Zylinc's mission is to work closely with major corporations and organizations desiring to differentiate themselves from their competitors through optimal customer service and improved employee productivity. We develop and implement solutions that establish sustainable competitive advantages in terms of customer loyalty through improved personalized services, increased efficiency and profitability in people-centric business processes.