• 2000

Hardware Description

Acer V750 is a mobile phone released by Acer in 2000. From now on, with your Acer V750 mobile phone, you will experience the total mobility of your life. You will be able to communicate with more freedom and convenience – not only can you make and receive calls with your phone, but also communicate in silence by connecting to a laptop or desktop PC to transmit data, fax and log onto the Internet*. The dual band feature allows you to roam freely between GSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks. We know that you demand more than a mobile phone can offer for mobility. The advanced EFR (Enhanced-Full-Rate) sound technology optimizes the sound quality of your phone calls, allowing you to clearly distinguish the speaker's tone. If you are surprised at what you hear, you will be even more surprised at what you see – the large LCD display frees you from the nightmare of groping between pixels. You will see clearly each and every character displayed on the screen. Why not take your phone as a personal secretary? With its built-in calendar function, you can jot down important notes for different dates and remind yourself with the alarm when it's time to go. If you prefer a silent reminder, the built-in vibration-mode ringer certainly can save you from embarrassment at a meeting.