• 1992

Hardware Description

The A3010 was launched in Sept 1992, along with the A3020 and A4000, as a replacement for the A3000. The A3010 was the low end version of the machine - the A3010 was nearly twice as fast as the original A3000, it was aimed at the home market. The case design was a bit of a departure from the norm for Acorn - like the A3000 it was a "one box" design with the floppy drive on the right side at the back, but rather than the standard "BBC beige" with red function keys the A3010 had a grey case with green function keys. The A3010 had all the standard connectors (monitor, mouse, headphones, parallel port and serial port) but because the machine was aimed at the home market it also had the ability to drive a standard TV, and featured two joystick ports. The A3010 could take 1 Mb or 2 Mb of memory, and had no hard disc upgrade option.