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Hardware Description

The AMD Athlon processor is among the world's most powerful engines for PC computing, and represents the industry's first seventh-generation x86 microarchitecture. The AMD Athlon processor family is designed to power the next generation in x86 computing platforms. It meets the computation-intensive requirements of cutting-edge software applications running on high-end desktop systems, workstations, and servers. Business users who work with image processing, digital content creation, CAD/CAE, scientific applications and other computationally demanding software will benefit from the tremendous processing power of AMD Athlon processor-based systems. Computing enthusiasts who want the performance and clock speeds required to run the latest 3D gaming, entertainment, Internet, and personal productivity software will benefit from desktop systems powered by the AMD Athlon processor. The AMD Athlon processor provides exceptional processing power on real world, mainstream Microsoft Windows compatible software, as well as computation-intensive applications for high-end desktops. These high-end workstation applications include digital photo editing, digital video, commercial 3D modeling, image compression, soft DVD, CAD, and speech recognition. Computing enthusiasts get exceptional performance for Internet applications, digital imaging, 3D gaming, and personal creativity software. The AMD Athlon processor's advanced multimedia architecture and 3D technology deliver rich images, fast frame rates, and accurate theater-quality sound. Business users get remarkable performance from AMD Athlon processor-based systems. Popular programs for desktop publishing, database, accounting, and other demanding business applications execute at fast speeds, resulting in exceptional levels of productivity. The enormous power of the AMD Athlon processor's visual computing capabilities allows users to unleash their creativity and deliver high impact Web designs and other dynamic communications to effectively reach and influence customers.